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The Process

Wayne Patmore, our Head Brewer, brews new batches of beer two or three times per week. One batch of beer is 7 barrels or 217 gallons. Our brewery equipment was made by Diversified Metal Engineering (DME) in Canada. We have five kinds of tanks in our brewery including one Mash Tun, one Hot Liquor Back, two Bright Tanks, one Brew Kettle, and six Fermenters. In addition to our beer selection, we also offer our own special homemade root beer, which is brewed on location.



Meet the Brewer

Born and raised in Huntingburg, IN, I started drinking the yellow fizzy P#@s water that was called beer back then. In 1988 I joined the US Army and during my two year deployment in Germany learned what beer should taste like.

Sometime in the mid 1990’s Big Lots ran an ad for a 5 gallon Mr. Beer kit for $19.95. I thought to myself, “Wow, I can make beer and it’s only going to cost me $19.95!” That’s how I began brewing beer. It may not have been the best, but a person could drink it. Over time, I began researching home brewing. With the help of Bob Sunderman, who ran a small home brew shop out of his home in Jasper, the beer started getting better.

In 2009 I entered my first home brew contest at the Strassenfest, which was sponsored by the Dubois County SUDS Club. In that first contest, I did not win any awards but I told myself that next year I was going to place in the Strassenfest. So, I worked for a year on a beer that would win an award. I entered a Braggot (beer brewed with honey) and took second place for Specialty Beers. I had the home brew competition bug and started entering several different competitions across the United States and winning awards.

In 2012 I was asked to be the Vice President of the Dubois County SUDS Club. As the V.P. I helped run the club, get sponsors for home brew competitions, and promote home brewing.

Then in late 2014, Alan Hanselman called me and asked me if I would be interested in being his Head Brewer at the Schnitz Brewer and Pub. So, I polished up my resume, put together a six pack of some of my finer beers, and went to talk to Alan about the job. In May of 2015, I left my job to start a new life as a brewer and haven’t looked back.